Entrepreneurship is the way to make the most money as a PT

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2019

Hey Uncaged Clinicians!


After my most recent live video in my private facebook group, The Concierge Physical Therapist, it really got me thinking. I did a facebook live about my entrepreneurial timeline, and what it took to have success as a concierge physical therapy practice owner.  

I shared where my life was before I started my practice:

-I had just moved to Denver, CO with my wife

-$0 in our savings account (my wife is a PT as well, and yes, $0 in our savings at this point)

-I was struggling to find happiness in my career.

-My wife was frustrated with me because I brought that unhappiness home everyday.

-I felt like I had zero direction in my career, and wanted to obtain time freedom and financial freedom

Now, here is where I am:

-I sold my practice 2 months ago.

-I was able to build an AMAZING practice in Denver.

-I sold my practice, and now I am a full-time business coach

-My wife is able to stay home and no longer work while she takes care of our 10 month old...

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Create a true concierge model in your business

Uncategorized May 13, 2019

Hey everyone!

I wanted to she this video blog for you all so that you can learn more about setting up a true concierge model in your physical therapy practice.  It has significantly helped in my practice by:

-improving patient outcomes

-improving financial stability in practice

-being seen as a primary care provider

To learn how you can implement a concierge model into your brick and mortar or mobile practice, watch the video below!

Concierge PT Business Model

Go crush your day!



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