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I teach physical therapists how to achieve financial success through a mobile concierge practice in order treat patients on your terms!

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Feeling burnt out because of your current job?
Feeling down about your physical therapy career?
Feel like you just don’t have enough time outside of your job as a PT?

Two years ago, I opened up my own concierge practice called Freedom Physical Therapy in Denver, CO. This has led to a more fulfilling and successful career as a physical therapist than I could have ever imagined. Different doors have opened up for me just because I took the leap of faith to start my own practice.

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"Decide to work with Josh to create your dream practice."


"Change the way you think, and begin to look at yourself in a new light."


"Put actionable steps to work in your own mobile concierge practice."


"Achieve the success in your physical therapy career that you have been striving for!"

How Long Does It Take to Succeed?


What People Are Saying...

Amanda Worley

"Josh help me to find that, and help me to discover what it is that I want to achieve in my business. I’m really happy to say that I’m never thought this to be prosper 2 months ago but I am officially fulltime in my own company starting tomorrow, and that’s huge"


Laura Davidson Godrey

"I thank Josh so much for seeing my passion of teaching and vocation , and pushing me to use that in my practice. I mean, it’s been a game changer for me. I guess that’s probably the one thing. Having someone hold my hand. Make me get off the door and do things. I think that’s been totally worth it."


Sarvar Pathan

"Josh has a charismatic personality and he is always motivating, helping and so confident the way that he does it. And I attract to that type of personality. He has done what I want to do for 2 and a half years. That’s the reason I want to be part of it."


JT Dulkerian

"It’s been an absolute pleasure being part of your coaching program. I was definitely a little bit lost before I started talking with you Josh and before I joined your program. "


Sharon Wisnewski

"I would highly recommend if you're considering or if your not sure, you should be sure because this is a great investment. Josh was nothing short of amazing. Great coach, great mentor. Very patient, unpathetic and great problem solver. I had an amazing experience with Josh."


Steph Duffey

"So I picked Josh to work with because I felt like he really fit my personality. And I followed him on his podcast and in his facebook group. And I knew that he was giving out really good information. And I wanted to be more specific and individualized to me. So if you're interested in working with Josh, I would highly recommend it. It's helped me and my business a whole lot. And I wish the same for years."



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